Webcomics are comic strips that are usually published exclusively on the internet. Some have running storylines while others just do "one shot episodes" with no continuity, but like anime there are webcomics out there for just about any type of story that you are looking for. These are just a few of my favorites which I have run across.

Please note that because these are published independently, they are not edited for content or language. Don't blame me if you can't handle the naughty words that some of these comics make frequent use of. :P If you wish to avoid anything like this, I would suggest that you avoid Penny Arcade, Something Positive, and probably Treading Ground, too. And for crying out loud, don't even think about reading Exploitation Now.

FavoritesMore Good Ones   MIA/KIA
Penny Arcade VG Cats Exploitation Now
Order of the Stick Unshelved Mac Hall
xkcd Real Life RPG World
PVP Two Lumps Avalon
Megatokyo Sinfest Two-Eighty
Something Positive     8-Bit Theater Treading Ground
Looking For Group   Decorative Edison

Also, if you enjoy reading the comic strips normally found in newspapers, check out the Houston Chronicle's website. You can custom create a bookmark which will let you read your favorite daily comics there. Here's my custom comics page. Get Fuzzy and FoxTrot are my favorites by far.

Finally, you can check out hundreds of samples of daily newspaper comics in this open directory.