Random Links - not in any particular order

Friends' Pages

  • Julian's website.
  • Cohen and Trish's website.


  • Slashdot - "news for nerds, stuff that matters"
  • Fark - "it's not news, it's fark" - news for the Jon Stewart generation


  • Homestarrunner.com - an absolutely hilarious flash animation site. Be sure to check out Strongbad Emails.
  • Bash.org - collection of hilarious (usually) random IRC and chat quotes. I've linked some of my favorites here.
  • The Bastard Operator from Hell - fictional? articles written about the life and times of a bastard system operator. Very funny stuff if you know a bit about computers.
  • Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Taster Named Frank, my favorite email forward.
  • Nanikore's Anime Test - saved from Anime Grapevine
  • So you want to learn Japanese? - a very funny article about one person's experience with the language.
  • toastyfrog thumbnail theatre - an excellent, humorous retelling of Evangelion using thumbnails of the characters and what they are (essentially) saying.
  • Red vs. Blue - excellent site that parodies what's going on "behind the helmets" using characters and gameplay footage from the Halo series. Very funny stuff.

    Internet Related

  • If you aren't using firefox by now, for shame! It's an excellent browser, much better than anything MS ever came up with.
  • Background music - adding mp3s as background music to your webpage, a very short primer.


  • San Francisco 49ers home page
  • Atlanta Braves home page

    Anything Else

  • Zombie simulator - just the site you've been looking for if you ever wanted to see what would happen if four zombies all of a sudden showed up in a vastly populated city and started infecting everyone. With the added bonus of being able to drop bombs on the city to stop the spread of the zombie plague. How many citizens can you save from undeath?