Nanikoreís Test

Please circle the best answer. Each question is worth an appendage on your body.

  1. Do I have a life?
    1. I donít have a life
    2. I donít have a life, but I have anime
    3. I donít have a life, and Iím an anime geek so I have even less of a life than an average no-lifer
    4. I have an anime life

  2. Do I like my job?
    1. I donít have a job
    2. I love my job
    3. I hate my job
    4. I hate my job because it has nothing to do with anime

  3. Do I have a significant other?
    1. Yes, and I love him/her
    2. Yes, but I donít love him/her as much as that favorite bishonen/bishoujo anime character that I dream about constantly
    3. No, not yet. But in the meanwhile I have this bishonen/bishoujo anime character that I dream about constantly
    4. Why should I? I have this bishonen/bishoujo anime character that I dream about constantly

  4. I sometimes dream about
    1. Living the perfect anime life, in an anime
    2. Being a famous jpop singer or a voice actor/actress
    3. My favorite anime character
    4. Owning all the anime merchandise in the whole world

  5. When Iím sick, itís because
    1. Germs are invading my body
    2. I have not gotten my anime fix
    3. I found out that my favorite voice actress or idol singer is getting married
    4. My favorite anime or manga series ended

  6. In my spare time
    1. I watch anime
    2. I try to draw anime characters with pathetic results
    3. I vegetate, waiting for the next anime club meeting to arrive
    4. I vegetate, waiting for my next shipment of anime merchandise to arrive

  7. I eat
    1. Whatever I like
    2. Okonomiyaki
    3. Pocky sticks
    4. Only what my favorite anime character likes

  8. My friends
    1. Are fellow anime fans
    2. Like anime because I force them to
    3. Think Iím weird because I watch "cartoons"
    4. Are not going to stay my friends much longer if they keep calling anime "cartoons"

  9. I want to
    1. Be my favorite anime character
    2. Marry my favorite anime character
    3. Be with my favorite anime character, preferably in bed
    4. Kill and replace my favorite anime characterís lover

  10. At night, I
    1. Go to bed
    2. Stay up to watch anime
    3. Stay up to write endless fanfics and rants on anime message boards
    4. Stay up to chat with other otakus

  11. I am
    1. Fan
    2. Otaku
    3. Rabid Otaku
    4. Rabid, drooling Otaku armed with action figures and UFO dolls

  12. When I have money, I
    1. Save it
    2. Save it to buy anime
    3. Spend it ALL on anime
    4. Start to pay off that huge credit card debt I got from buying anime

  13. Anime is
    1. A hobby
    2. A lifestyle
    3. A virus and a curse
    4. A blessing, and proof that there is a God

  14. I would ____ for anime
    1. Kill
    2. Die
    3. Sell my body and soul
    4. Listen to Ringo Starr talk for five straight hours

  15. Other people
    1. Donít realize how great anime is
    2. Donít know as much about anime as they should
    3. Will never get it when I say "Anta baka!"
    4. Will eventually come to the realization that anime is the only way

  16. I wear
    1. Anime keychains on my ear
    2. Magnifying glasses to make my eyes look big
    3. Cosplay costumes for Halloween Trick-or-Treating
    4. Cosplay costumes as regular outfits

  17. Subtitles
    1. Zip across the screen too fast
    2. Give me pleasure when I read them
    3. Have to be on the screen Iím looking at in order for me to stay sane
    4. Appear inside my head when I see or hear anything

  18. My significant other
    1. Feels neglected because I watch too much anime
    2. Is not as significant as watching anime
    3. Looks like an anime character
    4. IS an anime character

  19. My house
    1. Has a lot of anime stuff
    2. Has only room for anime stuff
    3. Is an anime shrine
    4. Is a copy of a house in my favorite anime

  20. My pet looks like
    1. Hello Kitty
    2. Pikachu
    3. Mokona
    4. Ryo-ohki

  21. I scream
    1. When I run out of money to buy anime
    2. When people tell me anime is for kids
    3. When people misspell shoujo
    4. When local TV butchers yet another anime

  22. Dub or Sub
    1. Dub
    2. Sub
    3. Give the wrong answer and DIE
    4. Canít we all just get along?

  23. When Iím not watching anime
    1. I think about watching anime
    2. Iím still watching anime, in my head
    3. I suffer headaches, cramps and other withdrawal symptoms
    4. I drool and mutter incoherently

  24. I
    1. Donít have a lover
    2. Have an anime character as a lover
    3. Always compare my lover to an anime character
    4. Will never love a real person as much as my favorite anime character

  25. I
    1. Will name my firstborn after my favorite anime character
    2. Will not listen to anything but anime music
    3. Will have nothing left to live for if anime is taken away from me
    4. Will have to go now because I have to watch anime